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Tennessee Burial Assistance

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Burial Assistance Nashville, TN

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Program Description
Metropolitan Government/Metro Social Services provides pays for the burial of deceased persons who did not leave sufficient resources to cover the cost of their burial expenses.


  • Was a resident of Nashville Davidson County, or died in Nashville Davidson County without family/friends who will take responsibility for his burial;
  • Did not leave sufficient cash or insurance resources within his aid group to pay the cost of his burial expenses;
  • Did not die in a state or federal institution, or in state or federal custody.

Services Provided

  • The usual and customary services, preparation and equipment provided by funeral establishments, including cremation, if the family prefers; transport of the deceased and use of the funeral chapel whenever possible and applicable.
  • Gravesite in Metro Bordeaux Cemetery, where interment is required unless the family/applicant prefers (cost free) burial in a Veterans Ceme┬Čtery for a person who qualifies for interment there, or, unless remains are not to be interred
  • Opening/closing of grave at Metro Bordeaux Cemetery;
  • Adult size concrete vault (when interred at Metro Bordeaux Cemetery)
  • Special combination casket/outside container for infants;
  • Grave marker bearing the name and years of birth/death of deceased (when interred at Metro Bordeaux Cemetery).
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